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Black Pumps


Workwear Essentials highlights must-have pieces in every working woman’s wardrobe. We find classic pieces at a variety of price points that are easy to mix and match and create your capsule wardrobe. Black pumps for work are the quintessential work shoes for professional women.

Black pumps are probably the most versatile and well-loved item in a woman’s shoe closet! Whether you like a kitten heel, sky-high heel or something in between, we found some great options if you are in need of new black pumps for work. If you need more options Nordstrom is hands-down our favorite place to shop for heels because you filter by shoe type, heel height, color and more.

Low Heel Pumps

Low heel pumps are a great everyday option, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. These heels are sometimes called “kitten” heels and feature a 1-2″ heel. An almond or pointy toe can offer sophistication and balance against the low heel. Low heels look especially cute with slim crop pants and knee-length skirts.


Medium Heel Pumps

Mid-heel pumps offer the best of both worlds: comfort and style. A modest 2-3″ heel can be great for days when you need to dress up a bit but need to be comfortable too. A medium heel is by far the most versatile heel because it pairs well with anything. Just avoid too-short skirts, and make sure your pants don’t turn into floods if the heel is too high for the pant length.

High Heel Pumps

Lots of women can’t resist a timeless high heel pump as the ultimate feminine power statement. A pair of elegant high heels will make your legs look a mile long. If stilettos and high heels are right up your alley, look for a pump that features a 3-4″ heel. We don’t recommend going above 4 inches for most workplaces. Look for a toe that’s not too pointed and cushioned footbed for comfort. And don’t pair super high heels with a short skirt! Instead, keep it classy with a midi skirt or dress, or a pair of cropped trousers.

Looking for inspo for how to style a timless dress with a pair of these classic black pumps for work? Check out how our recent OOTD styled a pair of pretty nude heels.

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