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Outfit of the Day – May 20, 2020


Outfit of the Day – May 20, 2020

affordable fashion inspo

Our featured Outfit of the Day highlights professional women who have great style. Our goal is to provide you with instant wear-to-work inspiration and helpful styling tips. Today’s look is all about affordable fashion inspo.

Karen is a fashion blogger who resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her Instagram account showcases her stylish and classy looks, that are always budget-friendly too! Be sure to check out her feed for affordable fashion inspo whether you’re working from home or back in the office.

Meet Karen

What are your favorite retailers for workwear? New York & Company for skirts and blazers, Nordstrom Rack for shoes, H&M for work wear blouses and dresses

What is your business dress code? I’m a fashion blogger/content creator so in WFH [work from home] mostly I can wear any styles, but for business meetings I’ll wear what I have on here for the most part. I still believe if you “want the job” you need to dress like you already have the job! [Editor’s Note: we’d classify this as Business Casual]

Describe your style in a few words. Classic, trendy and budget friendly

How do you shop for work looks? When shopping for work wear I always take an assessment of what is already in my closet and to save money I try to stick with bottoms or jackets and add color via a blouse or accessories. Finally, I make sure that whatever I purchase can be worn with at least 3 other items I already have in my closet which helps save money too!

What’s your favorite “go-to” look when you want to look and feel your best? It really depends on the occasion. I love a great dress or jumpsuit for formal, and casual would have to be distressed jeans, graphic tee and blazer.

affordable fashion inspo

Finally, where can we find and follow you? Follow me on Instagram @myconfidentstyle and on LiketoKnowIt @myconfidentstyle.

Shop the Look:

Karen’s necklace was purchased from Autumn and Avery, a super cute shop in Cary, NC, but they have an online store you can shop at as well, and we found a cute necklace that is similar. Her top is actually a bodysuit, that’s a steal at $5.99 right now. Lastly, we love Karen’s classic white skirt and versatile black blazer combo for spring.

If you’re looking for more affordable fashion inspo, you’ll love our Friday Finds, where we feature great deals and special promo codes to save you money.

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