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Outfit of the Day – June 26, 2020


Outfit of the Day – June 26, 2020


Our featured Outfit of the Day highlights professional women who have great style. Our goal is to provide you with instant wear-to-work inspiration and helpful styling tips. Today’s look is perfect for a summer Casual Friday.

Amber is a small business owner who owns a gym in Des Moines, Iowa. After recently moving to Iowa, she wanted to find a creative outlet for her cosmetology, fashion and theater experience. She uses her blog, Amber Hope Styles, to showcase affordable fashion by finding sales and dupes for high-end items. She’s a firm believer you don’t need to pay high-end prices to achieve a high-end look!

Meet Amber

What are your favorite retailers for workwear? I love shopping a variety of brands. Some of my personal favorites are Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Amazon, Vici, The Red Dress, and Belk.

What is your business dress code? The gym dress code is usually athleisure wear, which I do share on my Instagram as well. However, for business meetings, it’s usually dressy casual. [Editor’s Note: we consider Amber’s OOTD Creative Casual, in addition, it makes a great summer Casual Friday look as well.]

Describe your style in a few words. It’s hard to sum up my style because I love so many things but in general terms, I’d say it is realistic, practical, convenient, and long-lasting. I have a chic, practical, yet modern style with a twist of boho vibes in the spring and summer. I try to incorporate staple pieces, that I know will be around for years to come to coordinate with the times. As such, sometimes staple pieces can be expensive, however worth saving for as an investment if that means quality, timelessness, and longevity. But you can as well with a little elbow grease, find these items on sale, or gently used if you dig deep enough.

What do you look for when shopping for new pieces? When I look for items I look for what current needs are. So, for example, if I am looking for a dress depending on the season I look at sleeve length. Is the material appropriate for the season- is it lightweight, thin or thick material. Then I search for my size, and height and if there are pictures for those I make sure I look at them and evaluate the good and bad reviews.

What’s your favorite “go-to” look when you want to look and feel your best? My go-to outfit changes depending on the occasion. If I’m dressing up I usually reach for a dress or jumpsuit.


Finally, where can we find and follow you?

Visit my blog:, follow me on Instagram @amberhopestyles , on Pinterest @amberhopestyles and on LiketoKnow.It @amberhopestyles.

Shop the Look:

This Amazon skirt is a steal at under $30, and will take you into fall as well. We found a great dupe for Amber’s cut-out top and bag as well. The heels are also found on Amazon, and a great deal at $17!

For more summer Casual Friday looks, head over to our recent Summer Work Outfit Series.

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  1. Aww thank you so much for the feature💗

  2. I love this look! That leopard print skirt looks great on you! Great post!

  3. This is a great look!
    Love it! 🙂

    xo, Kari

  4. These are all such great places to shop at & I absolutely love this outfit. 😍 Being a person that works in corporate America, business attire is necessary so I’ll definitely be checking out these stores!

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