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Outfit of the Day – August 20, 2020


Outfit of the Day – August 20, 2020


Our featured Outfit of the Day highlights professional women who have great style. Our goal is to provide you with instant wear-to-work inspiration and helpful styling tips. Today’s look showcases Business Casual CPA fashion.

Allison is a tax accountant for Ernst & Young in Boston, MA, where she works on tax returns and provisions for large banks and insurance companies. In addition, she recently passed all four sections of the CPA exam, and should obtain her license soon. She started her blog, Appreciating Style, to combine her passion for clothes with her passion for accounting and tax! Her blog shows workwear outfits and ideas, as well as Allison’s everyday style. She hopes to help others gain confidence in themselves to grow and appreciate their own unique style and “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

Shop the Look:

We love how Allison paired this textured ivory blazer with matching paper-bag pants and an animal-print cami. You can easily shop all of her pieces by clicking the images below.

Meet Allison

What are your favorite retailers for workwear? Express, H&M, Loft, and Nive Girl

What is your business dress code? My accounting firm has implemented a more smart casual dress code. It is essentially Business Casual, but jeans are allowed. It is more business formal or business professional when we are actually at a client site. However, as a tax professional, I am often not at the client sites and would go into the office regularly before Covid-19. This meant more of a dressed down style. I tended to dress up a little more as I really enjoy dressing up for work and looking professional. However, we work a crazy schedule, which means being comfortable in the office was critical for me as well. So I did enjoy being able to take advantage of wearing jeans whenever I wanted. I would dress it up with a collared, button-down or a blazer to still maintain a more professional look.

Describe your style in a few words. My style is classy, chic and sometimes bold. I love to wear traditional workwear, but I also love playing around with the different ways workwear can be styled. I especially like styling a blazer with more casual pieces such as jeans or shorts. When I’m not at work or going out, my style is definitely more comfort-oriented.

Tell us more about you. I grew up in CT, went to the University of New Hampshire, where I got my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a focus on both Accounting and Finance. I also have a minor in dance. This is one of my passions and favorite hobbies, which I hope that I can get back into soon. I also got my Masters in Taxation from Suffolk University and then started my job at EY and passed my CPA exams. Although this takes up a lot of my time, my other hobbies include: shopping (obviously), reading a good book, spending time with family, snow skiing, and hanging out at the lake. I am a passionate New England sports fan and I love watching hockey.

What’s your favorite “go-to” look when you want to look and feel your best? My go-to outfit when I want to look and feel my best is typically a black or grey blazer and black dress pants with heels. I will style it with a bold or colorful shirt and accessories to mix in some of my own personal style as well. This makes me feel professional, put-together and ready to take on the day. This is because when I look sharp and crisp, that is how I feel, too. When I have on a blazer and heels, I feel most confident to take on the day and whatever is thrown my way.

Finally, where can we find and follow you? Visit my blog:; and follow me on Instagram @appreciatingstyle, Facebook @Appreciating Style, and Pinterest @appreciatingstyle.

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