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The 6 Key Workwear Trends for Spring 2020


The 6 Key Workwear Trends for Spring 2020


For all of us who faced the cold, snow and grey days, spring is just about here and we couldn’t be more excited. There’s just something about spring that makes getting dressed for work fun again! Stores have stocked up on new items, and there are so many additions you could make to your wardrobe. While not all spring trends are appropriate for work (um hot pants anyone?), we’ve rounded up 6 that you can easily incorporate into any work environment. Here are our favorite Spring 2020 workwear trends.

Workwear Trend No. 1: Feminine Details

Spring and flowers go hand in hand – especially this season. You’ll see lots of feminine details in this spring’s clothing. Look for ruffles, floral patterns, bows and pastel colors. Any feminine items you already have in your closet are a great choice too!

Workwear Trend No. 2: Polka Dots

Polka dots are the most fun trend of the season! There are lots of classic black and white combinations, and some navy and white too. You can find polka dots on tops, dresses and pants and even accessories!

Workwear Trend No. 3: Collar Necklaces

Looking for an inexpensive way to incorporate a spring trend? Collared necklaces are a new fun jewelry trend that won’t break the bank. Try one of these pretty pieces with a v-neck shirt to show them off.

Workwear Trend No. 4: Colored Suits

What’s more fun than a pastel or brightly colored suit, in alternative to your traditional black and navy varieties?! If the matching blazer and pants are too much for you, you can easily pair one brightly colored item with a neutral tone like light grey or black.

Workwear Trend No. 5: Pleats

Pleated skirts are going anywhere any time soon! If you haven’t picked one up yet, there’s never been a better time. If you’re tired of pleated skirts, or are looking for something new, a pleated dress is another great way to incorporate this trend.

Workwear Trend No. 6: Puff Sleeves

Last but not least, probably the biggest trend for tops is puff sleeves. They vary from a small amount of volume to super dramatic. The less dramatic ones we show here are definitely work-appropriate. Pair a pretty top with a simple pair of pants or skirt, and you’re out the door.

Want more ideas for what to wear to work? Next check out our Friday Finds from last week featuring more spring workwear trends.

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