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Our Favorite Summer Work Outfits


Our Favorite Summer Work Outfits


Summer is here! You may be either already back in the office or heading back soon after working from home for months. And now you may be wondering what to wear to work. We’ve asked some of our previously featured Outfit of the Day women with amazing style to share their favorite summer work outfits with you. Here’s what they had to say! Be sure to follow them on Instagram for more summer workwear inspiration.

My favorite summer work outfit consists of florals with a bold pop of color! Tailored skirts are perfect for the hot temperatures but still look chic and I’ll add a blazer for when I’m freezing at my desk in the air conditioning. -Santanna @styledbysantanna

Summer workwear fashion is all about showing a little bit of skin – show off those toned arms and tanned legs and feel confident while doing it. My favorite summer work outfit is anything that keeps me cool. I love a flowy dress just as much as I love a tucked in tie neck blouse. Lightweight, classy, and of course, confident. -Meagen @toasttopostblog

My favorite summer work outfit is a pencil sleeveless dress! I believe it is not only weather-appropriate, but it is very versatile as I can throw a jacket on it if it gets cold in the office and make it a whole new look! -Anyoh @profashional_dame

My favorite summer look is a linen suit and a comfy cami. It’s hot here in North Carolina, and linen suits are a classic way to stay cool. -Jill @jilliepants

My go summer outfit has to definitely be light colors and florals. Florals are actually my go to year round. -Marlene @marlene.acostaa

My favorite summer work outfit is light or neutral colors and soft, flowy fabrics! I love blazers/suit coats that you can throw on in the air conditioning but take off for a stroll outside or while at lunch on the patio. -Rebecca @thevoguepursuit

My summer work outfit has always been a white suit! Although I haven’t had the chance to go back to office clothes yet this year, white never fails to bring a cheery summer vibe with me into an eternally air-conditioned office. -Rachel

My favourite summer work outfit is a flowy midi skirt and a short sleeved blouse. All brightly coloured as usual. Oh! And I cant forget the cardigan to throw on when I begin to freeze in the office which continues to cater only to the comfort of men. -Brooke @themondaybest

A heartfelt thank you to these lovely ladies for sharing their summer style with our readers. Looking for more inspiration for summer work outfits? Check out our recent summer OOTD looks here.

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  1. Great options! I especially love any outfit that goes with a cute sweater for the freezing office moments! So true! haha

  2. Loving all these options! Especially the bright colors and the prints :). I’m still working from home due to COVID, but I’m ready to dress cute again!


  3. Love all these options! Although I’m such a sucker for neutrals so that camel & white look gave me instant heart eyes 😀 xx

  4. I love the white suit!! Such great recommendations!

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